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 Complete Alcohol Fuel Test Kit AFTK0600 includes smaller 6ml QCS and does not include tester stand,

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PAYPAL Order Page: An alcohol fuel test kit quickly detects ethanol and/or water in gas to help safely manage E10 fuels.
Portable ethanol fuel testing kits are a simple solution to protect gas-powered engines from too high alcohol content in gasoline.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Caution: E10 fuel contains alcohol (ethanol), which is a strong solvent that attracts/absorbs water.
An Alcohol Fuel Test Kit will give you the reliable results you need
to determine if gas at the pump and/or in your gas tank is safe.
DELUXE test kit (left) is individually boxed and includes:
- Reusable Fuel-Tester with rubber stopper;
- Clear squirt dispenser bottle for fuel collection;
- Re-sealable plastic carry bag; Disposable gloves;
- Dropper Bottle Quik-Checkô Solution (QCS) 15ml=Approx. 450 drops/tests;
- Heavyweight copper tester stand for easy hands-free testing & display.
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- Order individual bottle(s) Quik-Check Solution Product: QCS15
Quik-Checkô Indicator Solution 15ml Dropper Bottle
15ml=Approx. 450 drops/tests

List Price: $14.95 ea.

QCS is for use with a fuel-tester (checks percent alcohol) and/or can be used alone to instantly verify gasoline is ethanol and water-free.  (EG. Marine, Aircraft, Diesel and other specialty type fuels).

* We recommend purchase of a complete test kit (shown above) which includes QCS solution or an individual fuel-tester (checks percent ethanol), so when results are positive you can determine if gas contains alcohol OR water, and verify exact percent % of alcohol.  Note: Even very small amounts of alcohol (gas additives) and water in tank will reveal a positive result.


Quik-Check indicator solution dropper bottles are also available individually.

Order Ethanol Alcohol Fuel Test Kits
Protect your engine from gas contaminated with water and excess alcohol .
Quik-Check solution instantly reveals alcohol and water in fuel- Included in test kit or individual bottles.
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Paypal Order Page - Ethanol Alcohol Fuel Test Kits
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Alcohol Fuel Test Kits
Basic Complete Test Kit: AFTK06
ORDER Basic Complete Alcohol Fuel Test Kit Product Code: AFTK06
Includes smaller bottle of Quik-Check solution, does not include stand.

Complete Kit with 6ml QCS - Product Code: AFTK06
* Does not include stand; Includes smaller 6ml size QCS=Approx. 180 drops/tests.
List Price: $27.95 ea.
* Choose Deluxe Test Kit (AFTK15D) above, to include larger 15ml bottle QCS and tester stand.
Stand may also be purchased separately. (List price: $7.00 ea.)

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15ml QCS Bottle Only: QCS15
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Deluxe Alcohol Fuel Test Kit: Includes fuel-tester, 15ml Quik-Check solution, collection/dispenser bottle, copper stand, E10 precautions and more.
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Deluxe Test Kit: AFTK-D
Order 8 to 10 deluxe kits: * SAVE 15% ($5.25 off each kit.) $29.70 ea.
* Special! Limited Time Offer.

Order 1 Deluxe Kit: List Price $34.95 ea.
Order 2 to 4 deluxe kits: SAVE 10% ($3.50 off each kit.) $31.45 ea.       
Order 5 to 7 deluxe kits:  * SAVE 12% ($4.20 off each kit.) $30.75 ea.
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